Essay 3 What Did You Do


Essay 3: WHAT DID YOU DO?! - a self-critique

  1. Point to a moment in your paper that you spent time revising and felt the revision made for a STRONGER moment in the paper. What part of the paper was it? What specifically did you find unsatisfying about that moment or what wasn't working? What specifically did you do in revising that moment? What specifically makes the revised section stronger or gives you a sense of satisfaction?

  2. a) Describe two specific moments or features of your essay that you think are least effective/need work. Explain your dissatisfaction for each moment/feature.
    b) quote an example of a sentence you think is weak, flat, unexpressive, or not working.  


  3. Describe two things you learned or worked toward perfecting in this evaluative film review/analysis. 

  4. a)  Describe with some specificity your biggest regret about your own writing habits or performance (in-class or out of class) at this point in the semester? 
    b)  What could you be doing to attend to that regret moving forward?

  5.  Describe a writing accomplishment you are most proud or self-satisfied with this semester.

  6. Attempt a revision of your sentence in 2b above, working toward a stronger sentence.