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Essay 2 Peer Review

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1) label the operations in two body paragraphs

  • Identify, Evidence (quote), Explain, Evaluate, Rationale
  • if you're not sure or can't, say so clearly, and explain why
    • you don't fully understand the operations, but you're guessing anyway
    • you understand the operations but its unclear what the sentence/section is doing
      • it's not related/relevant
      • it's DEBATING THE ISSUE (a big no-no)



2) Look at one (or two) moments of Evaluation and Rationale

  • Try to challenge or complicate what your peer is arguing
    • with the goal of finding weak spots in their evaluations
    • so that they can build a stronger defense
  • consider referring to the Rhetorical Situation
    • writer, audience, purpose, context
  • if your peer NEVER clearly provides an evaluation with rationale, choose just ONE of your peer's examples to write for them a potential evaluation and/or rationale



3) briefly comment on what you think might be the strongest moment of the draft so far


4) briefly comment on what you think might be the weakest feature of the writing so far

     * and/or what should be most targeted for revision

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