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Essay 2 purpose thesis

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Free-write, 6-8 minutes, on what you have observed so far.

  • Try to write freely / casually about what you have observed or noticed in comparing different people's rhetorical strategies in your specific debate.
  • What are some general observations or discoveries you have made in your comparisons?
    • Anything specific or surprising?
  • What's the overall conclusion (or conclusions) about these writers' rhetorical strategies that your comparisons have led you to? 
  • What are you trying to show your reader, or what are you trying to prove, in your comparisons? 



Turning free write into a WORKING THESIS (a "working thesis" is just the name of your thesis during your DRAFT process. It means you can change, alter, modify, or fine-tune your thesis as you go, all the way up to the final).

  • "By looking specifically at __________________________________ , I hope to demonstrate that ________________________________________ ." 


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