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Essay 1 Peer Review

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1)    Point to two moments in the draft that you think are genuinely strong and/or interesting and express why you feel that way.

2)    Point to any moment in the text where the chronology of events is not clear or where you thought more of the story should be revealed/explained. Tell your peer why.

3)    Point to two moments in the paper where you think the writer could do a better job of SHOWING instead of telling – where more DESCRIPTIVE DETAIL is needed.

4)    Ask two questions about the essay that you would like to know more about, that leave you curious or confused. Also, make one clear suggestion for another effective revision.



5) Go back and look at the original draft paragraphs. Comment on your impressions of the revision. Are the newer paragraphs stronger or less effective (and why)? Was the use of detail/descriptive language effective in the revision or absent? Did the new paragraphs LOSE anything that was perhaps important or useful in the originals (even if the newer paragraphs are stronger)? Anything else you might say about the revisions?

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