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I was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, California. I have always had a permanent address here in San Diego, but have also lived in other states. Through my experiences I have found that living in California is somewhat of a double-edged sword. While the cost and social personality of San Diego leave a resident such as myself and many others with a “cold shoulder”, the vast beauty and availability of many different jobs, activities, events, and opportunities allow those same residents to enjoy what , in my opinion, is one of the greatest states in the United States of America.


Other places that I have lived in opened my eyes to an unknown kindness of the public. Every time I’ve returned to San Diego, I have felt as if the people here are less open to complete strangers. There is a social environment here that I have not experienced anywhere else I have been. For example, San Diego’s proximity to the Mexico – U.S. border on land and ocean. This creates a common relationship between two very different cultures. The people living within this social environment should be aware of each other in order to avoid the conflict we see daily in the newspaper and to promote unity. However, I feel the opposite effect happens due to a language barrier, very different upbringings, and religious beliefs, this causes people to avoid interaction with each other outside of their realm of comfort. The presence of our military base here forces this concept to grow because it allows people from across the globe to live and work here.  In my lifetime, San Diego has also grown commercially this way and helps many international and domestic companies to prosper here as well. In creating this multi-cultural metropolis, the people have developed a closed-off sense of neighborly love, a polite cold-shoulder attitude. This is mixed with a very judgmental social outlook which causes me to feel separated from the general public when I’m walking downtown. All of these things make SD (to some) not “The Finest City in America,” a title it has held for many years, but things can always change and are starting to.


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