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shitty stories and narrative devices 2

Page history last edited by Brad F 9 years, 10 months ago


Things That Make for REALLY SHITTY Stories:


-        Tone: poor intro (no hook),

-        Audience consideration: appropriate diction (word choice),

-        No Thesis: no point or, lacks interest (*)

  • Unstrategic repetition

-        Lack of details / vagueness / overly general

-        Bad ending, no conclusion

-        addressing gravity (something serious or tragic):

                    - how it is introduced, the timing

-        using comedy: bad target of humor (identity, faith), timing



Narrative Device: any textual tool used to tell a story:

-        Dialogue: characters talking, Monologue

-        Narrative voice:

-        (Tone)

-        Imagery / Detail : setting/scene, characters, feelings (interiority),

-        Temporal markers




Narration: is story-telling: illustrating (relaying) a sequence of events (things that happened).


     . Time or temporality or chronology

     . unilinear

     . related words: narrative, narrator, to narrate


Purpose: to illustrate or make a point. To teach a lesson or moral.

-        Other reasons: to entertain/to please, to persuade, to explain



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