Shitty Stories and Narrative Devices

Things that make stories kinda shitty:



Flat tone: monotonous, lack of description, unstrategic or unnecessary repetition, sentence structure is repetitive.


Unclear or unspecific expression: lack of detail or specificity, no depth (nothing learned, states the obvious, lack of novelty), humor (?)


No tension : lack of a problem or struggle or suspense/surprise, a slow or bad plot (nothing interesting or important is happening)


No audience consideration : the story is not relatable (*) or uses a vocabulary (diction) not appropriate for the target audience.


Lack of PLOT SEQUENCE : the order of events (or the timeline) isn't clear.  There are no effective transition words or sentences to make clear any narrative shifts in time.



A NARRATIVE DEVICE is any feature of writing that HELPS us tell our story, the common features of a text that make story telling possible. Here are a few:



-       Temporal markers / timeline

-       Characters (character development)

-       Monologue / Dialogue

-       Narrative Voice

                    - Direct address to the reader (?)