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self introductions

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  • Where do you live / have you lived (neighborhood, cities, states, countries)?
  • Describe a way your neighborhood has observably changed since you were a kid (if you're new to town, make a comparison to where you've come from)
  • Describe one specific and practical way you've tried to make the spaces you live/work/transit in better. Or if you haven' yet, how could you in the near future?



 Timed writing:

  • Write something about yourself that I would not otherwise know about you in this classroom setting.
  • Write something self-critical and give some context as to why you feel this way.
  • What makes you really happy these days? Also, what could you do, or what would need to change, to increase the happiness or contentment in your life? 
  • What was a life-altering (or life-opening) event in your past?
  • When's the last time you made something for somebody else? What was it? Why did you make it? How was it received? 





  • How much reading do you do (of ANY KIND) in a typical week? What kind of reading are you doing? What gets in the way of reading more than you do? What kind of books or articles are you most interested in reading, and recommend to me a book/article you really enjoyed.  
  • How much writing do you do (of any kind) in a typical week? What kind of writing are you doing or do you enjoy doing? What prevents you from writing more than you do? 
  • Define some strengths that you see yourself bringing to this classroom. Also, what are you greatest worries or anxieties about your writing and/or taking this class?



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